Learning new language skills is a hallmark of kindergarten. Your child will learn about the alphabet and its role in reading. Your child will practice rhyming, matching words with beginning sounds, and blending sounds into words. Practice with these types of activities is a powerful step toward learning to read and spell correctly. The size of your child’s vocabulary is another key factor in his or her ability to read and comprehend books and stories. Your child will also begin to experiment with writing and will be encouraged to use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing letters to share information, ideas, and feelings.
 Our Kindergartners start at 8:20 am and are dismissed at 1:50 pm.  

All Kindergarten students get dropped off at Morgan Levy Park behind the school. (5304 NW 102nd Ave, Doral, FL 33178) There is a pathway that allows students to enter into the Primary Learning Center(PLC) where the kindergarten classes are. On the 1st day of school, Parents may drop off their child at their classroom and pick them up in their classroom in the afternoon. Upon arrival on the first day, parents should inform the teacher of their child's dismissal and lunch arrangements. After the 1st week of school, for the safety of all students, parents are not allowed in the building during arrival or dismissal to pick up their child.

In the morning, if you wish to walk your child to the gate, there is designated parking at Morgan Levy Park. Please park and walk your child to the gate, Please remember that we close the gates by the park at 8:30 a.m.

If you are not getting down from your car and choose to use the circular driveway for dropping off your child, please pull in and move down as far as possible. To maintain the traffic flow, there is no parking in this area and no getting out to help your child with their backpacks. Continue to move forward in order to minimize the amount of traffic and the flow of cars. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE and pay attention to the car in front of you. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.   

 Students arriving before 8:20 a.m. report to the Primary Learning Center (PLC) cafeteria for breakfast. Your child needs to be in his/her seat by 8:15 am to be ready when the bell rings at 8:20 am and not marked as TARDY or ABSENT. If you arrive after 8:30 a.m. then you must drop off your child in the main entrance of the school

Remember, Parents always set the mood for their child's beginning of their day, please help us with this for a good morning!

For dismissal, our Kindergarten classes will dismiss in the back-circular driveway of Morgan Levy Park everyday. PLEASE do not stand in front of the gate, blocking access for the students to walk out in a straight line. Please stand at the water fountain at the beginning of the path.  All teachers will walk their classes out to the circular drive way where they will meet their students parents at the end of the path near the water fountain or walk them to their car. Dismissals are not a time for "parent/teacher" conferences, if there is a pressing matter that can not wait for a scheduled conference, wait until all of the students have been picked up.

On days that are raining and/or thundering and lighting, parents will have to park their car and walk into the school to their child's classroom and pick up their child. The gate will be opened for you to walk into the Primary Learning Center.

Students not picked up within fifteen minutes after dismissal will be escorted to the sitting area directly in front of the main office.

Students riding buses will be escorted by their teachers to the bus area at dismissal for safe boarding procedures.

Please be reminded that on Wednesday all students are dismissed at 1:50 p.m.
POLO SHIRT: White, Navy and/or Burgundy with patch on left side.
SWEATER: Solid Navy without any logo's or writing.
The Falcon Sweatshirt is also available. Sold only at the PTA store at Main Campus

SKIRTS: Navy and/or Plaid (502/3951)
SKORTS: Navy and/or Plaid SHORTS: Navy
POLO SHIRT: White, Navy and/or Burgundy with patch on left side.
SWEATER: Solid Navy without any logo's or writing.
The Falcon Sweatshirt is also available. Sold only at the PTA store at Main Campus

Cafeteria Information
Did you Know...?
  • Breakfast is served FREE to all students each school day from 7:30-8:15am.
  • Healthy eating options such as fresh fruit, whole wheat bread, salads and vegetables are served daily in the school cafeteria
  • The PLC cafeteria is now open for breakfast for PK-K only. Parents are only allowed to eat breakfast in the main cafeteria NOT the PLC cafeteria.
  • The cost of lunch is $2.25 a day Reduced lunch is $0.40 a day. We encourage parents to pre-pay for lunch at
  • Students need to memorize or bring their student ID number with them at lunch in order to pay. All students need to know how to punch in their lunch numbers.
  • New USDA guidelines now require a fruit or vegetable be served as part of each student's lunch. Milk is optional and is not a required meal component.
  • The school cafeteria sells lunch for adults and non-students at the low price of $3.00 and breakfast for only $2.00.
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